-Maya Angelou

Hello Beloved, and Welcome!

I am Danyielle (Dani) Nelson. I am a Licensed Social Worker, Certified Aromatherapist, Lifestyle Coach, and published Author.   

I have a zeal for learning and sharing to help others. Childhood health challenges have led to my thirst for acquiring knowledge about all-inclusive self-care. I believe in naturally enhancing the quality of life. I humbly dub myself ‘Natural Ally D’,  because I am your ally in the world of building true wellness with simplicity.

My personal mantra is “Let us continue to Learn. Grow. Share. Together. Naturally.” I’ve combined my passion for Social Work with Aromatherapy education. This marriage gave birth to my first course,  “Aromabuds and Blossoms”, a fun, simplified, fruitful aromatherapy and natural wellness course for home users.

Experience the secrets of natural well-being. Enroll in our transformative Aromabuds and Blossoms course now!

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